Here I will compile a list of resources for your information and convenience. This will include inspiring Youtube channels where devotees share their transformational experiences with the Master, links to other spiritual seekers’ blogs and channels, upcoming workshops, and more.

Nithya Yuga, the age of eternal bliss, is here!

Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji




Autobiography of the Avatar:

Avatar Shastra:

Books for free download:


Completion Workshop:


Saturdays 4:00-6:00 PM @ the Bridge and Enrich Centre (718 E 20 Ave, off Fraser St). RSVP to or call 604.328.0704/604.561.8689

Active Meditation and Energy Healing:

Monday 7:15-8:30 PM @ the Victoria Community Hall (2026 E 43)

Tuesday 7:30-8:30 PM @ the Clubhouse at Tiffany Lane (14280 – 19A  – Ave, Surrey BC)

Friday 8:30-9:30 AM @the Clubhouse at Tiffany Lane (14280 – 19A  – Ave, Surrey BC)

Nitha Yoga


Tuesdays & Thursday @ Bridge and Enrich Centre (718 E 20 Ave).

Contact or

Youtube Channels

The Nithyananda Leelas show hosted by Ma Mayatitananda:

The Living Advaita show hosted by Ma Swarupapriya on the Nithyananda Sangha channel:

Nithya Yoga:

Ma Nithya Swarupapriya:

Swarupapriya has a large Youtube following and is a popular channel within the Youtube spiritual community. She has traveled around the world and is now residing as an aadheenavi at Bengaluru Aadheenam.

Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami:

Nithyananda Mayi Swami is a Sri Mahant of the Nithyananda Sangha, a foremost leader in the spiritual community formed around the Master, and is a sannyasini of the Nithyananda Order.

Ma Mahayoga:

Ma Rishi Nithya Advaitananda:

Sri Nithya Sundareshwarananda:

Sri Nithya Yogajnanananda:

Sri Nithya Tattvananda Maharaj:

Sri Nithya Veda Priyananda:

Sri Nithya Sadyojatananda of Silent Fireworks:

Ma Anupama:

Sri Muktha:

Sri Vitashoka:

Ma Kalaadevi:

Amritashraya and Devanatha:

Ma Durgananda:

Jordan Kremyr of Blissful Athlete:

Jordan Lozada:

Ma Shivamaya:

Ma Priyankananda:

Ma Nithya Oviyananda:

Alma of Eternal Blissed:

Ma Vireshwara:

New Gen Hindu, the youth of Nithyananda Sangha:

Arti Agarwal:


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