Hadih friends!

My name is Jordana and I am of Dakelh, Wetsuwet’en and German heritage, and I currently live on unceded Coast Salish territory in Vancouver, Canada. Besides being a dedicated spiritual seeker, I am a visual artist, cat mom, and roller derby athlete.

The title of this blog, “Bliss and Bannock,” is derived from my life goal and purpose (nithyananda, eternal bliss) and the regional name of a fried bread popular among the indigenous nations of Turtle Island (bannock is seriously delicious). I wanted the title of my blog to reflect both my culture of birth and the Vedic culture I adopted. Fun fact: Bannock also happens to be my nickname in roller derby!

My hope is that this blog inspires you to explore your inner space, dive deep into the depths of your Being, and to become the hero of your own epic adventure. For me, this blog is a step towards integrating my inner space with my outer life. By publishing my experiences, I am declaring to live in the space of divinity that resides in us all. Sadashivoham –  I am Sadashiva, I am divine.

Mussi cho, thank you very much, and may you find eternal bliss.