Welcome to Bliss & Bannock


Hadih, my name is Jordana, and I am a practicing Shaivite Hindu, following the Nithyananda Sampradaya. Through my beloved guru, His Holiness Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami, who is an Avatar of Lord Shiva Himself, I have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced profound healing, mystical happenings, and exuberant bliss.

“So, what did you do in India?”

Much of the time, I’m at a loss for how to express myself after this question. How can I even begin to explain, when there are no words that can accurately reflect my experiences? All words fall pitifully short. Nevertheless, I created this blog to tell you all about my experiences to the best of my ability.

I’ll start off by telling it to you straight:

I met Sadashiva in form, my gurudeva, a living god.

I had glimpses of the enlightened state.

“I” melted down into the complete ecstasy and relaxation of my Self.

I felt true, raw, unconditional love.

I was initiated into 70 different shaktis, powers, including the opening of the third eye and kundalini awakening.

I discovered the purpose of my life.

For the first time, my heart felt completely fulfilled

The above is no exaggeration; these words utterly fail in conveying the immensity of these experiences. Swamiji, the very embodiment of Vedic culture, inspired me so greatly, I started practicing the science of enlightenment that Veda Mata makes available to the world. I changed my whole lifestyle: I quit drinking, I became a vegetarian, I started a daily yoga practice and ritual worship of Sadashiva. I became connected to the Source of all that was, is, and ever will be.

In future blog posts, I’ll write in detail about my experiences, the story of how becoming a jeevan mukta, a living enlightened being, became my life.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, I’ll do my best to answer you. ‘Til next time!



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